Projects at Cereal Breeding Research Darzau

Darzau is located in the northern part of Germany, near Hamburg. The location is characterized by sandy soils and low precipitation rate (650 mm/year). Combination of both factors leads to frequently spring and early summer droughts. The average temperature is 8.5° C. The climate is predominantly temperate with changing maritime and continental influences. The continental influence from East during the winter makes Darzau preferably for frost resistance selection of all winter crops.

Cereal Breeding Research Darzau is one of the few breeders which are breeding under and for organic conditions only. Organic Breeding encompass selecting new varieties adapted on low input conditions and resistances against several biotic and abiotic stress factors. Cereal Breeding Research Darzau is developing new selection criteria for different crops under organic conditions.

Last changed: 22.11.2012